"I had been experiencing severe neck pain that radiated into my right arm into my wrist for about a month.  I was determined to find something that would help without the use of drugs or surgery and decided to try chiropractic at South Hill Chiropractic.  Dr. Herrsche was very caring and professional.  He located the problem in my neck, performed gentle adjustments and I felt an improvement from the first visit.  I tell all my friends how much better I have been feeling and highly recommend Dr.  Herrsche."   

- Cheryl B... 

"I've had a nagging pain in the right side of my mid back for over 2 years. I would take over counter drugs and hot showers to get some relief.  It was always worse first thing in the morning.  After my wife had such good results with Dr. Herrsche for her neck pain, she suggested that I give it a try to see if it would work for me.  I was skeptical but I am now a firm believer because after 2 weeks, the pain is totally gone.  I also recommend Dr.  Herrsche to friends and colleagues."

- Nelson B... 

"Since becoming a patient of Dr. Herrsche's I have felt like a different person!  In my late teens I had my first migraine headaches.  As I have gotten older the headaches have become much worse and more frequent.  Medical doctors prescribed tranquilizers and different types of injections, which helped at times, but the headaches kept coming on a daily basis.   At least once a month I would have a headache so severe that I would only get out of bed to take another pain pill or go to the doctor and get a shot.  Almost daily I would take two pain pills just for "regular" headaches.

I have also suffered with neck pain and lower back pain.  For over a year I would go to bed with with my back hurting and then get up in the morning with my back still hurting.  I went to an Osteopath who offered no help except to prescribe more medication, which only seemed to dull the pain and did nothing to correct the cause.

Then, I spoke with a friend who knew Dr. Herrsche and all about his wonderful work.  I had never been to a chiropractor.  I felt that you just had to keep going and going and going; always while paying a lot of money for no long-lasting results.  But, by this time I was so desperate and my friend was so convincing I thought, "Why not."  So, I began seeing Dr. Herrsche on a regular basis and am so thankful that I did.

After about four weeks I noticed significant improvement.  Now, after twelve weeks, my headaches are very few and when I do have one they are not as severe.  I have been as long as two weeks without a headache and for me that is a miracle!  My neck is getting better and better and my lower back pain is completely gone.  I now work in the yard and do things I thought I would never be able to do again.

I thank God for Dr. Herrsche and his dedication and desire to help people."

- Patti...

"My newborn daughter suffered terribly with colic and a friend recommended chiropractic care for treatment. I was skeptical as I thought chiropractic care was just for back and neck problems. After only 2 visits with Dr. Herrsche, the whole family is sleeping soundly again and best of all, my daughter isn't suffering any longer. I have learned that chiropractic care can fix so many more problems than I ever imagined. I now bring both children for regular adjustments to help with their immune systems. Thank you South Hill Wellness."

- G. Williamson

"Can’t thank you enough for all Dr. Herrsche and staff has done for me. I was diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome 3 months ago and unable to perform most everyday tasks such as doing my hair, gardening in my raised beds, or helping out with grandkids. I stuck to the exercises I was given and now I am back on track."

- Janie C.

"My orthopedic doctor insisted I have hip replacement due to crippling sciatica pain and degenerative disc disease. I did not want surgery to be my only option and decided to see a chiropractor for a second opinion. I have adhered to a 12 week program suggested to me by Dr. R. Herrsche and it has made all the difference. My wife and I are back to walking together in the mornings and have booked our first cruise in 4 years. Thank you so much and want to say a special thank you to Hazel for walking us through all the Medicare mumbo jumbo. It can be so confusing and your patience is greatly appreciated."

- J. Clary

"My stepdaughter pointed out to me recently that I "waddle like a duck" when I walk, 26 years on a concrete floor at work had taken its toll on my knees. Not quite ready for knee replacement, a friend recommended laser therapy at South Hill Wellness Center. After only 4 treatments, my knee pain is GONE! Julie gave me tips on how to correct the waddle and I'm on cloud nine. Thank you!"

- Gayle I

"Thank you Hazel Owen for guiding us through all the confusion of medicare as a newly retired couple."

- John + Sharon T.

"Love my laser treatments! I have no pain left in my thumbs and range of motion has improved greatly in both hands. I have cancelled my carpal tunnel surgery. Thank you"

- Shelia J


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